Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Aspects of the Internet: Final Exam Blog Post

          For my final post I would like to discuss the pros and cons of the internet. This is a very debatable subject since the internet provides everything for people. Some people would say that they can not imagine a world with out the internet, while others are quick to shake their heads in fear of the very thought of getting a Facebook account.
          The internet has many good aspects. For example, improving your literacy or cognitive skills, connecting with your peers and how the rape rate has declined because of the public internet access. You can improve your knowledge of every event in history, every theory and every aspect about life. There are some web sites such as lumosity featured in the Wall Street Journal and New York times which are said to increase your brains cognitive functions and overall health. Most of these types of web sites target the elder crowd around their 60s to help their cognitive skills such as memory which with age, we as human beings loose over time. The internet has a wide range of resources dedicated to knowledge. If you wanted to learn anything, it would be on the internet. There are even resources to help teachers teach their students online. With the many networking sources you could also learn immensely from your peers and get connected with people, who know people, who could get you your next job opportunity. I figure that it works like this:

How the internet is good

          Many people especially those in favor of the internet have an interesting out look on the internet. In the link below it will re-direct you to a video. The video is about the views about the internet from the co-founders of YouTube and Digg. Chad Hurley, Co-Founder and CEO of Youtube, states, "...the internet is about connecting individuals...".


          Also, many would say that free porn on the internet should be on the negative aspects of the internet. After all, no parent wants their child to receive a pop-up of a pornography advertisement. But it very interesting how the rape rates have decreased as more porn availability has gone up. According to Anthony D' Amato Leighton Proffesor of Law at Northwestern University School of Law in his Public Law and Legal Theory Research Paper Series one titled PORN UP, RAPE DOWN, he gives a very clear explanation and he gives facts about the matter.
          The negative aspects of the internet is whether or not the internet is a safe resource for gathering information.Of course there are ways to protect your self from many threats from the internet. This video below is great illustration of how this works.

           Even though everyone is capable of taking extra precautions to protect their personal information, it is undeniable that there are still ways for people to become victims of hackers and their malware. The difficulty with malware is that they take many different forms of shapes and sizes. The most common type of malware is a Trojan Horse. There is the chain letter type that when a person clicks on something, the same e-mail gets sent to every one in your address book. Then there is the painful malware that crashes your computer. Also the larger scale type of malware that when clicked on can crash many computers at the same time or even worse create a way for hackers to hack into the information at a large company. For example, the Mitsubishi Heavy malware attack and the Kawasaki Heavy malware attack. Malware is possibly the biggest example of the negative aspects of the internet. But also there is how the use of social networks could be trouble for many people. Expressing your opinions to the world is good, to some extent. There have been many incidents such as people getting fired because of facebook, a teenager getting kicked out of school, the young man getting kicked off of the football team for a facebook post. Some people have been put into jail. Police and University officials are now known to use Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Twitter etc. for further use in court. And victims such as Rebecca Black have received death threats from people over the internet.
          In my opinion, all of their punishments were just. I also believe that not everything should be expressed publicly given that they believe in the freedom of speech or not. There are many more pros and cons about the internet, in fact it's endless since people have different opinions. My examples for positive aspects were improving your literacy or cognitive skills, connecting with people, and safety in terms of rape. My examples for negative aspects were about malware and social networking websites.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Google Translate FAIL haha ds106 asignment #5

Description: Find something in a foreign language and use Google Translate and laugh about how awful it is. Its pretty easy to do if you use Google Chrome. Just go to a site in another language and select the translate to English button when it pops up (options - under the hood - check the box that says to offer translations). I think you can also use the main google.com to translate pages as well. If its a language you know, give an explanation of what it should be and list possible reasons it got messed up.

This one I did of the iconic, Got Milk? It sounds so silly in Japanese...


In Japanese is says: mi ru ku wo eta ka?

In my mind I was picturing the American posters of Got Milk? With a Japanese salary man standing instead and Got Milk? is subtitled--- ミルクを得たか?ROFL LOL....

News Paper Blackout Poetry ds106 asignment #4

Description: Grab a marker and today's morning edition and start blacking out sections to create a new story. It could be a poem, a picture, or a novella, all drawn from the words of the latest news.


I think out of all the projects this one was the most fun :)

Sing, Dance, Jump in puddles ds106 asignment #3

Description: pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in helvetica.Sounds like fun! So here it is:

Tis was a nice day...


vintage picture

This was back in high school :) This picture was taken after walking around Tokyo for hours...learning about history. So I thought that it would fit the vintage effect. In the picture above in my teacher(in the middle) Im in there somewhere...but beware....i look chubby :) and next to me is my best friend.


18 (ds106 assignment 2)

This assignment is called SongStory. Basically I am to choose a song that reminds me of certain memories from the past. :)

When I turned 18, I got on a plane to visit my home town Houston, Texas. I hadn't visited the states for about 4 years and I was really out of touch with the music. I was just bewildered at the songs that everyone knew.

The song that reminds me of all the memories when I visited Houston, Texas is definitely this one:

When I first heard this song that year I was like, "He's on a boat?....ok...." lol But anyway, it really reminds me of the time I went to Houston because EVERYONE knew this song. My birthday is in August so we went to Galveston, swam in the back yard pool, went to house parties and so much more. I love the summer and the warm sun hitting the back of my neck. And I also thought it was fun to hear all of my friends sing this song every time it came on. Such good memories :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Data of the Dead Digital Story :Writing

    I decided to update my last will and testament. I wrote one back in 2011. But my life has changed drastically since then.

    I always new about people writng their last will and testament when they are old or sick. But I used to wonder, but what if I die tomorrow? Even though I'm only 24 years old if something were to happen to me tomorrow, I would like to leave certain thoughts and things to the people I care about. So I guess this a way I can do that.


    I, STEPHANIE HUGHES, residing at Houston, Texas, being of sound mind, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament and do revoke any and all other Wills and Codicils heretofore made by me.

    1.1 - I direct payment of my debts, funeral expenses and expenses for administration of my estate.

    2.1 - I direct that the rest of my estate be to my mother, HIROMI TADA. If she predeceases me, I give the rest of my estate to my sister, JULIANNE HUGHES.

    2.2 - If any beneficiary shall fail to survive me by 45 days, it shall be deemed that such person shall have predeceased me.

    2.3 - If neither my mother nor my sister survive me, I direct that the rest of my estate be divided into four equal parts. I give one part to my sister's first child; one part to my mother's mother; one part to my mother's brother, TOSHIHIKO TADA; one part to my mother's sister, NAOMI TADA.

    3.1 - I appoint my mother Executrix of this will. If she predeceases me, I appoint my friends (a) JOICE BAZAR and MARINA SAITOH, to said office. I direct that no appointee hereunder shall be required to give bond for the faithful performance of the duties of said office.

    4.1 - To the following I leave my possessions. JOICE BAZAR, I leave all of my electronics including but not limited to my phone and computer. To my sister, JULIANNE HUGHES, I leave all of my materialistic possessions including but not limited to my jewelry, make-up, clothes and shoes.

    4.2 - This Will has been prepared in duplicate, each copy of which has been executed as an original. One of these executed copies is in my possession and the other is deposited for safekeeping with my mother.

    I, Stephanie Hughes, do hereby declare to the undersigned authority that I am 18 years of age or older, of sound mind, and under no constraint or undue influence willingly sign and execute this instrument as my Last Will and Testament in the presence of the following witnesses, who witnessed and subscribed this will at my request, and in my presence at Houston, Texas on this 22nd day of August, 2015.

    Thursday, November 10, 2011

    MALWARE: The Love Letter

    So far there has been conversation about different subjects. But I think we can all agree this time on the simple fact that malware is a big pain in the gluteus maximus.

    In the early 1990s the average person was just getting acquainted with computers when the spread of a virus by floppy disk became known. It was very malicious...very sneaky...you couldn't see the virus and it would eat up files O.o....

    In the early 2000s came the network worms (i.e. slapper, slammer and sasser etc..) and the most widely spread e-mail virus in history, the Love Letter or ILOVEYOU e-mail.

    This computer worm reached millions of homes. When just one person opened the attached file called LOVE-LETTER-FOR-YOU, it sent a copy of its self to everyone in Windows Address Book. So you can imagine how quickly this virus spread.

    The way that this worked was similar to the Christmas Tree EXEC which was the first computer worm to paralyze computers internationally in 1987.

    I have a similar experience with e-mail viruses. Except I thought it was from my mom and in the subject line, if i remember correctly, it said hello....or it was blank. But, in the end everyone on my e-mail list got an advertisement of porn and Viagra (not the best e-mail for my grandma to receive).

    Question for the exam:
    In the 1990s, how was the first virus spread?
    1) By flying pigs
    2) By mice
    3) By floppy worms
    4) By floppy disk